Sunday, January 29, 2006

Iran says "No" to foreign meddling in Darfur, Sudan

Today, Coaliton for Darfur publishes BBC Monitoring's text [no date] of a report by Sudanese newspaper Alwan claiming Iran says "No" to foreign meddling in Darfur. Excerpt:
"The Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Ahmad al-Musawi, has said he cast doubts on the enemies' intentions towards the Darfur region.

In a press conference held at the Hilton hotel [in Khartoum] yesterday morning, he urged to end foreign interference in Darfur and let the Sudanese government work towards resolving the issue in a suitable way.

He further reiterated Iran's support for a Sudanese solution in this regard, and his trust in the mediation of the AU member states to resolve the crisis."
See Sudan Watch (in sidebar here).


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